Beauty Lab Whitening is the first specialized whitening clinic in the world and was first conceived and perfected in South Korea by Suaviss in 2009. Suaviss has since then launched multiple partner clinics in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and soon, Singapore.

The Beauty Lab program combines whitening treatment, R-630 collagen light, dead skin cells management, and home care for truly authentic and lasting white skin. Our patented technique is non-invasive, uses no oral prescriptions, and promotes natural beauty and a healthy lifestyle.

Our skin care products are formulated with 95% natural and 5% functional ingredients, which maximizes long-term benefits while minimizing side effects. We never use pigments, artifical fragrances, or other artificial additives in any of our solutions. Our goal is to embue our customers with glowing skin that is not only immediately whiter but also healthier in the long term.